Millennium Challenge Account Moldova

Rehabilitation of the national irrigation system for the benefit of 9,000 farmers



Millennium Challenge Account Moldova (MCA Moldova) is a public entity established by the Government of the Republic of Moldova through the Government Decision no.161 of 04.03.2010 to ensure efficient implementation of the Compact Agreement and other investment and technical assistance projects.


The goal of MCA Moldova is to provide assistance to the Moldovan Government through efficient implementation of the Compact according to the Agreement signed between the United States of America, acting through the Millennium Challenge Corporation, and the Moldovan Government. MCA Moldova is governed by the Moldovan law, MCC agreements etc.


The Millennium Challenge Account Moldova is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of project implementation and costs related to Compact implementation; management of resources and delivery of relevant reports to stakeholders; coordination of the activities of the authorities and public entities engaged in the implementation of projects to ensure efficiency and synergy etc.


The collegial bodies of the Millennium Challenge Account Moldova ensure transparency and multilateral participation in its operation. The Steering Committee is the senior body that manages and supervises MCA Moldova. It is independent and its decisions are final. Its members are representatives of the Government, private sector and civil society.




Transition to High Value Agriculture is one of the two Compact projects and aims at increasing incomes in the rural areas by encouraging high value agriculture and catalyzing investments into high value production.


According to the estimates, the Transition to High Value Agriculture Project will benefit about 29 000 farmers or over 112 thousand individuals, in particular farmers and owners of farmlands, agricultural enterprises and their shareholders, employees of agricultural enterprises operating in the areas covered by the rehabilitated centralized irrigation systems, the producers who grow or intend to grow high value products.


To this end the Transition to High Value Agriculture Project includes four distinct activities:
–  Rehabilitation of the Centralized Irrigation Systems
–  Irrigation Sector Reform
–  Access to Agricultural Finance
–  Growing High Value Agriculture Sales.


These activities are implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, Ministry of Finance, Apele Moldovei Agency, Credit Line Directorate. To achieve the project goals international companies are also contracted in a competitive process.