Connected. Relevant. Successful.

Investment Scouting

We identify relevant regional investment opportunities from media and public sources, collecting and assessing the needed information for successfully approaching each opportunity.

Coallition Building

We have a large portfolio of worldwide partners with a wide variety of knowledge, know how & expertise. For each investment opportunity we select and bring together the ones that present the most relevant expertise and potential contribution to the project in order to ensure the highest score in the tender.

Business Intelligence

Correct information is vital in the success of a tender application and is a pre-requisite to an efficient business interaction. In this respect, we gather information on the project, competition interest and stakeholders’ agenda, ensuring comprehensive reports for project documentation.

International Public Affairs

We ensure our project partners liaising with the proper authorities in the host community in a transparent and professional manner, offering permanent advice in the investors/partners interaction with appropriate stakeholders from first contact to project completion.


We have a very good level of knowledge on procedural requests and procedures, being able through our ongoing practice on these markets to provide support in meeting all permitting requirements, ranging from notifications, company registration, labor permits for employees, etc.

Coordination of Local Partnerships

We have a proven track record of successfully managing global investments projects, our team being able to provide fully integrated project coordination services to our partners from day 1 until the project closure.